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    I wanted to make a GoT fanfic, but are fanfics allowed? Once I get the "yes", I will make it. If I get a "no", then I can't. So can someone get back to me?

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  • LovelyChrys

    My Claim!

    May 18, 2012 by LovelyChrys
    Im starting to question ppl's claim to the admin throne I AM THE LAWFUL RULER OF THIS WIKIA! KHALESSI!.

    I promise that if I had a rightful, trial for the Wikia Throne, I will be good to all. If you are a follower of my Claim to the Wikia Throne you will be awarded. I will bathe you in riches!

    In the comments, pledge allegiance to both me and House Targaryen. This is how:

    • In the comments show your love for me
    • In the comments show your love to my house, Targaryen

    If you are not one of my supporters,

    • In the comments explain why I DON'T have a claim
    • Pledge allegiance to my house! Now!

    I am sorry to Opark 77 (He was a great friend)

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  • LovelyChrys

    Shadow Baratheon

    May 13, 2012 by LovelyChrys

    Shadow Baratheon is a form of magical creature. Servants of the Lord of Light employ them to undertake dangerous missions on their behalf. It is also is Stannis Baratheon's son.

    Melisandre and Stannis Baratheon have sex, with Melisandre promising to give Stannis 'a son'. The creature later sneaks in to Renly's camp and assassinates him before vanishing.

    In the Song of Ice and Fire novels, Melisandre actually conjures forth two shadows on separate occasions to deal with Stannis's foes. She needs to use Stannis's own life-essence to fuel the entities, but this hugely drains him. Use of the creatures is thus limited in case their creation taxes the creator to the point of death.

    Fans colloquially call the creatures 'shadow babies' due to the natureā€¦

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