Im starting to question ppl's claim to the admin throne I AM THE LAWFUL RULER OF THIS WIKIA! KHALESSI!.

I promise that if I had a rightful, trial for the Wikia Throne, I will be good to all. If you are a follower of my Claim to the Wikia Throne you will be awarded. I will bathe you in riches!


In the comments, pledge allegiance to both me and House Targaryen. This is how:

  • In the comments show your love for me
  • In the comments show your love to my house, Targaryen

Unsupporters to my Rightful claim

If you are not one of my supporters,

  • In the comments explain why I DON'T have a claim
  • Pledge allegiance to my house! Now!

I am sorry to Opark 77 (He was a great friend)