• Marinasoriano

    The TV series fans can stop guessing where to go on holidays this summer, this is the complete list of 44 locations used (from season 1 to season 6) on the Game of Thrones filming.

    Northern Ireland

    • Magheramorne: Hardhome, the Wall and Castle Black 

    • Murlough Bay: The Iron Islands

    • Mussenden Temple: Dragonstone

    • Corbet: Riverrun

    • Castle Ward: Winterfell

    • Ballintoy Harbour: Pyke and the Iron Islands 

    • The Dark Hedges: The stretch of road connecting to King’s Landing 

    • Larrybane:  The Stormlands, including Renly Baratheon’s war camp

    • Tollymore Forest Park: This is where Ned Stark discovered the direwolves and also where a family of dead Wildings were discovered by a member of the Night’s Watch.

    • Cushendun Caves: The Stormlands, this is where the Red Wo…

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