• Mehul Kaushik

    Game of Thrones S06E01 : The Red Woman

    April 24, 2016. The day that everyone had been waiting for is finally here and so is the new episode : Game Of Thrones S06E01 named the "Red Priestess". When we first got news that the first episode was being named "The Red Woman", we were quite sure that somehow Melisandre would revive Jon Snow in the first episode or the second at most.

    Well, the biggest spoiler of the episode is that Red Woman is actually "A grey woman.. ??". Oh, also Jon Snow is still Dead. I know!!! *sobs for a minute*

    The episode tried to touch every arc. Jon Snow's dead and the Knight's Watch have decided to rebel against him although there are a few loyalists including Sir Davos who have taken his body and locked themselves in a …

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