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Season 2 Robb Stark character featurette breakdown

Opark 77 March 18, 2012 User blog:Opark 77

HBO aired another second season character featurette on March 17 2012, this time focusing on our King in the North Robb Stark:


This is the fifth character profile released; I reported the other four Season 2 Renly Baratheon character featurette breakdown|here. The HBO on demand schedule reports that another featurette for Stannis Baratheon will be released March 18 2012.

A big thank you to Winter is Coming for reporting the story and to WatchOut4HopOns for uploading the video on youtube.

Highlights include a better look at Oona Chaplin as Jeyne Westerling at 1:04 and first looks at Karl Davies as Alton Lannister at 0:12 and Michael McElhatton as Roose Bolton at 0:48.

What does everyone think? Why is Jeyne doing menial labor at Robb's camp?

Shot by shot

  1. 0:00 Joffrey with his back to Cersei in the throne room, both wearing red. Robb Stark in voiceover "I offer the Lannisters peace if they meet my terms."
  2. 0:05 A close-up of Robb as he continues "First, your family must release my sisters."
  3. 0:07 Sansa Stark has her clothing torn off by one of the Kingsguard in front of the court.
  4. 0:08 Arya Stark looks up fearfully.
  5. 0:09 Stark banner bearers ride over a battlefield. Robb says "Second, my father's bones must be returned to Winterfell."
  6. 0:12 Alton Lannister listens to Robb's demands. Robb says "Third, Joffrey and the Queen Regent must denounce all claim to dominion over the North."
  7. 0:16 A wide shot of Alton standing before Robb. He begins to protest "These are..." Rodrik Cassel and a bald, bearder man in armor are to Robb's left. Theon and a long haired bearded man are to his right. Two guardsmen stand behind Alton. Robb seems to have upgraded his command tent since the first season.
  8. 0:17 Robb rises from his seat and cuts him off, insisting "These are my terms."
  9. 0:21 A title card reads "Game of Thrones Robb Stark"
  10. 0:23 Richard Madden talking to camera and in costume as Robb Stark. He says "Robb's at a point where he knows he's a king and he's really grown in confidence and he's his own man."
  11. 0:26 Robb hands something to one of his men and smiles as he walks through his camp.
  12. 0:28 Michelle Fairley in talking to camera and in costume as Catelyn Stark saying "He's proved to be a very capable leader. A very popular leader.
  13. 0:32 Behind the scenes footage of shooting a scene with Robb and Jeyne. She is walking into a tent where he stands looking at her.
    0:34 Richard Madden in voiceover "Robb's one of the men. He's one of his soldiers and he's in it together with everyone. He's on the front lines with the men."
  14. 0:34 Robb greets one of his men.
  15. 0:40 A long lense focus shift from the eye of Robb's horse onto his face.
  16. 0:41 Robb heading a row of riders in pouring rain at night.
  17. 0:43 Richard Madden to camera "He is so much part of them and he's proved himself."
  18. 0:46 Silent sisters tend to the dead as Robb walks through the aftermath of a battle with his bannermen. Roose Bolton (Michael McElhatton) tells him that there are "Five Lannisters dead for every one of ours."
  19. 0:48 Robb walking with Roose and his other bannermen.
  20. 0:49 Michelle Fairley to camera "He seems a very good tactician in terms of how to win battles."
  21. 0:51 Robb walking across a battlefield, silent sisters tending to the dead behind him.
  22. 0:52 Richard Madden to camera "He's made some decisions that have been questioned and most of the time he's been right."
  23. 0:55 Behind the scenes footage of shooting a scene with Robb and Jeyne. He is approaching her as she works in the camp.
  24. 0:58 Richard Madden to camera "He's been very clever and I think that's what has gained the respect of the men."
  25. 1:00 Robb facing off against Alton. Theon, Rodrik and the others are in the same positions as at 0:16.
  26. 1:01 Theon repeats Robb's title "The King in the North." He is seated in the command post.
  27. 1:02 Richard Madden to camera "The consequences of every action are huge."
  28. 1:03 Robb stops as a column of men clear the battlefield behind him.
  29. 1:04 A closeup of Jeyne talking to Robb. She says "You're fighting to overthrow a king and yet you have no plan for what comes after."
  30. 1:06 Cut back to Robb as the battlefield empties behind him. He says "First we have to win the war."
  31. 1:08 Richard Madden to camera "He's constantly been fighting and wading through difficulties at every corner. There's so much weight to every order Robb gives.
  32. 1:12 Behind the scenes footage of shooting a scene with Robb and Jeyne. Robb walks past Jeyne holding a scroll. This appears to be later in the scene we saw being shot at 0:32.
  33. 1:15 Stark guards let Robb into the prison area of his camp.
    1:16 Catelyn in voiceover "You've done so well."
  34. 1:16 Behind the scenes footage of shooting a scene between Robb and Catelyn in a tent.
  35. 1:20 A closeup of Catelyn telling Robb "Your father would have been...proud."
  36. 1:22 Through monitor footage of the same set-up.
  37. 1:24 Richard Madden to camera "Although his father is dead I think a lot of him still lives on in Robb."
  38. 1:28 Behind the scenes footage of shooting a scene with Robb, Catelyn and Brienne. Catelyn says "You have inherited your father's responsibilities."
  39. 1:30 Robb turns to face Catelyn as she says "I'm afraid they come at a cost."
  40. 1:32 Richard Madden to camera "Robb and his mother have been so close and been through so much."
  41. 1:36 Robb talking to Catelyn in his tent at night. He says "I am the one rebelling against the throne."
  42. 1:38 Behind the scenes footage of the same set-up. Robb says "Before me it was father."
  43. 1:40 Robb continuing "You married one rebel and fathered another."
  44. 1:42 Closeup of Catelyn seated in the tent. She says "I mothered more than just rebels."
  45. 1:45 Richard Madden to camera "But his relationship with his mother is starting to change quite dramatically."
  46. 1:47 Behind the scenes footage of shooting a scene with Robb, Catelyn and Brienne in the camp.
  47. 1:51 Michelle Fairley to camera "She can't tell him what to do, he has to make his own decisions."
  48. 1:52 Behind the scenes footage of shooting a scene with Robb talking to Catelyn in his tent at night. Robb says "If I trade the Kingslayer for two girls my Bannermen will string me up by my feet."
  49. 1:56 Behind the scenes footage of the same set-up. Catelyn says "You want to leave Sansa in the Queen's hands, and Arya?"
  50. 2:01 Closeup of Catelyn in Robb's tent continuing "What are we fighting for if not for them?"
  51. 2:03 Closeup of Robb asserting "It's more complicated than that, you know it is."
  52. 2:06 Richard Madden to camera "Robb's priorities are not only now to his sisters. To his brothers. To Winterfell."
  53. 2:09 Arya riding on the back of a cart, carrying Needle.
  54. 2:10 Closeup of Bran reflected in a pond, but it seems to be over the shoulder of a white haired individual. They wave their hand over the surface to dispel the reflection.
  55. 2:12 Richard Madden to camera "But very much so to a whole army that he's leading."
  56. 2:14 Low shot of Madden in costume as Robb looking over and then into the camera.
  57. 2:17 A title card reads "Game of Thrones April 1 HBO.COM/GAMEOFTHRONES"

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