I've been working on updating the wiki with all information from the HBO viewers guide website for some time now and have kind of stalled. I am going to break the goal down into some more simple tasks here and thought I may as well make the list public in case anyone else wanted to help out. My goal is to read the viewers guide, list the information it contains and ensure we have referenced articles about any topic it covers.

My first step is going to be to break down the viewers guide into pages. I will first record any url from the viewers guide and then make sure we have an article where the information is useful. I'll then go through the viewers guide entries looking for mentions of other subjects for the wiki (e.g. place names in the surrounding area of the map that are not hyperlinked or character names in the guide to houses). Finally I will make sure we have recorded the information from the viewers guide and added references to all of the applicable articles.

I have broken down the map section, the guide to houses and the appendices. The next step is to check the articles to see if the information available has already been used and referenced. I will then make improvements where I can. I will then make another pass looking for small mentions of other subjects.


Beyond the wall

The Wall

The North

The Vale

The Riverlands

Iron Islands

The Crownlands

The Stormlands

The Westerlands

The Reach



The Free Cities


Slaver's Bay

Dothraki Sea


The Shivering Sea

Special features

Areas of Control

Journey of Daenerys

Battleground Westeros

Guide to houses

House Baratheon of Dragonstone

House Baratheon of Storm's End

House Baratheon of King's Landing

House Stark

House Targaryen

House Arryn

House Frey

House Greyjoy

House Lannister

House Tully

House Tyrell

Night's Watch