I've been thinking about the show's habit of taking relatively minor characters from the books and giving their roles to already established ones. For example, Bronn taking on Jocelyn Bywater's role as commander of the city watch, Loras not his older brother Willas being engaged to Sansa, Davos' numerous sons being merged together into the one. While I understand the idea of simplifying things for the non-book reading audience (and possibly saving money on extra actors) I do wonder about some of the choices. I honestly don't believe someone like Bronn would actually have been chosen by someone as clever as Tyrion for such a high profile and responsibility demanding position as the Commander of the City Watch, a role which even allowed his predecessor to sit on the small council (even if he never did). Also you do have to wonder how they plan on getting certain characters back to their original roles when they're too busy doing someone else stuff. It's actually become a game with me, trying to work out which supposedly upcoming characters are going to be replaced by someone already on screen or who the current players could also play without upsetting things too much.