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  • Shaneymike

    Favorite Direwolf

    May 28, 2016 by Shaneymike

    Who is your favorite direwolf on Game of Thrones?

    If this post does in fact generate any replies, I expect either Ghost or Summer will get the most votes, which is understandable. But I personally have a soft spot for Shaggydog.

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  • Shaneymike

    Does anybody else find it incredibly frustrating there has been plenty of talk about the deaths of Robb and Catelyn but little if any of Talisa since the Red Wedding? You would think that her death would have stoked the ire of her birth family back in Volantis, unless of course they chose to disown her over the path she chose. Still, I find it very frustrating that there's been no mention of her since she was killed. Her death is hands down the most painful and difficult to sit through again and again, which is why I'm praying that the Freys will finally get their comeuppance this season.

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  • Shaneymike

    Well now that Hodor and Summer are gone, I wonder if Bran will do as others have speculated when the three-eyed raven told him that he would fly and warg into Drogon or one of the other two dragons. If so, I wonder how the Mother of Dragons will respond. Will she try to kill Bran? Or will his warging abilities humble her?

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  • Shaneymike

    Daenerys will go mad with all the power that she has acquired in Essos, uniting all of Westeros against her when she finally arrives with her dragons and foreign horde. By this time, however, the Starks will have taken the North back from Ramsay Bolton and flayed him living as he so liked to do to so many others; rebuilt their army and recruited more giants to slay Dany's dragons with their massive arrows; and raised up Jon as their king because of all his deeds as well as what many people have surmised to be his true parentage. There will be a great battle, and despite their shared heritage, Jon will kill Daenerys and reforge the sword Lightbringer, which he will then use to defeat the Others.

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