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Oh why only two sessions

my eldest son bought home this HBO boxed set telling me that I would really enjoy wacthing it. I must say I was bit reluctant I am 56 and favorite story is Pride and Prejudice . But I would give it a go . Well That seems a life time ago. I was hooked, over the week I was totally "in' I watch the whole season . Fell in love with the mighty horseman and his beautiful bride . The story line the settings the characters all leading me into a great place . I find I want to talk about it all the time . Work collegees have taken to running away from me , as I call after them but you do not understand how much drago loves her ...........

I am so happy that he took the time to write 7 books . I want to travle to the wall , I have my hat and gloves ready . And stand on the top , no not to do that , but to look out across theses wonderful stories

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