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  • TOkun592

    Here's a theory on Baby Sam, Samwell Tarly's adopted son. This is short, but very good.

    Melissandre, or someone else with dark powers, will know of a way to kill most of The White Walkers. This will require the sacrifice of a male blood-relative. The only living one left is Baby Sam. Craster boasts in his final appearance of having 99 sons, not yet knowing of Baby Sam. His final son is left for The White Walkers, making it an even 100. I'm guessing Jon Snow is offered the opportunity to kill these 100 White Walkers, at the expense of Baby Sam's life. I don't think he'd take the offer, but it'll be there, haunting him.

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  • TOkun592

    I have a theory on The Faith of The Seven, and how it in fact started as a prophecy, that eventually became a religion. Each of The Seven match-up to surviving characters within the show.

    The Father- Jaime "The King Slayer" Lannister; The true father of all of Cersei's children.

    The Mother- Daenerys "The Mother of Dragons" Targayen; The Mother of Dragons.

    The Maiden- Brienne of Tarth, aka "Brienne the Beauty"; A female warrior, perhaps the best of all, she has kept her maidenhead throughout her whole life.

    The Smith- Gendry; The last surviving bastard of the late King Robert Baratheon, he was told by Melissandre that he would be a prominent figure in the future. He was also a literal blacksmith.

    The Crone- Melissandre, "The Red Woman; The Red W…

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