• Tasos85

    After watching the last episode, I must admit I'm a bit disappointed with the changes the writers have done in regards to army sizes as compared to the book series.

    In this episode Yara says that she will take the fastest ship and 50 of the best fighters and move  across the narrow sea and the weeping water river into the Dreadford. Assuming that she does this, this voyage would take her through the Lannister, the Tyrrell, the Dorn, the Baratheon and the Arryn fleet, as she would have to sail across most of Westeros. Moreover in episode 7 of the second season Tyrion says that Stannis' fleet is moving from the Stormlands to King's Landing and he would arrive within 5 days- 4 if the wind is to his advantage. I suppose this means Yara's voyage…

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