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April 13, 2012
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  • The Dragon Demands

    New York Comic-Con 2015 starts today, Thursday, and extends through the weekend.

    To my knowledge there are no Wikia-sponsored Game of Thrones events as there were last year:

    I actually live in New York City (in fact once a week on my way to class I walk past HBO headquarters and the HBO store, at Bryant Park)...however (despite holding a Master's Degree in medieval History) I am unfortunately an unemployed student at the moment, so I couldn't afford full weekend tickets. I was only able to get a one day ticket for Saturday.

    I did try to independently submit my own fan panels but they were rejected (I took my notes from one of them and basically rewrote them on here as the "Gender and Sexuality" article series so …

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  • The Dragon Demands
    Time to go mobile...

    NEW for Season 5:

    Game of Thrones Wiki now has a Mobile App!

    FREE to download!

    Tired of waiting to check Game of Thrones Wiki updates on your bulky laptop during viewing parties?

    Now you can much more easily browse our guide pages for new Season 5 episodes, in the palm of your hand! Read through our guide's story notes and behind the scenes information during rewatches!

    Or, read Game of Thrones Wiki on the patio, in the car, or on the boat!

    Browse the wiki while snuggled up in bed, instead of falling asleep under your laptop!

    Read Game of Thrones Wiki while pretending to work at school or the office!

    (EDIT: The Wikia legal team said we can't encourage people to do that last one)

    Step 1: Go to this link at the Apple iTunes store: https:…

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  • The Dragon Demands

    Entertainment Weekly has a big spread on Season 5. has a full report on it with notes:

    I have also fully read an illegally scanned copy, though I thought it would be inappropriate to just link to it. Mostly I just read this to confirm or expand upon some points that made, clarifying some issues. (I don't really pay for things - I am after all, a starving unemployed Historian holding only a Master's Degree in Medieval History).

    Be that as it may, I made this list to summarize all points of note -- a lot of the other stuff is just "Isn't Season 5 amazing?!" without real content.

    Story points:

    • Cersei…
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  • The Dragon Demands
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  • The Dragon Demands

    This is the earliest manuscript outline that Martin sent to his publishers. It changed DRASTICALLY in later drafts and has little resemblance to the final version.

    Keep in mind that even, say, in Tolkien's The Lord of The Rings, "Strider" (Aragorn) started out as a Hobbit named "Trotter" who had wooden feet, because he'd been a prisoner in Mordor for a while and had his feet cut off. Tolkien had no idea who Aragorn was and it just popped up as he made later and later revisions. Also in the original Lord of the Rings outline Aragorn ended up with Eowyn, and Arwen didn't even exist. In later drafts he realized that Eowyn's love for Aragorn was really obsession, and …

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