Shorter than the first one and with less new material.

Expected I guess: the original was the first Game of Thrones content we had in months, they wanted a big impact. This trailer feels more like part of a series of trailers.

Not much new info, but things I've noticed:

  • Arya never met Melisandre in the books so she never added her to her hitlist. She didn't even do anything too bad to Gendry (that Arya knows of).
  • First look at Styr, Magnar of the Thenn: the most advanced, disciplined, and dangerous of the wildling tribes. He just happened to be bald in the books - the TV series added the ritual scarification.
  • Meereen, last and largest of the cities in Slaver's Bay. They have had time to prepare against Daenerys's advance.
  • All of Westeros is stunned not by Robb Stark's death, but the unthinkable manner of his death: violating guest right and desecrating his corpse.
  • The two figures here may be Ramsay greeting his father Roose Bolton's army as it returns to the North.
  • The freakishly large Gregor Clegane is so strong that he wields a two-handed greatsword with one hand.
  • Are the wildlings in this shot attacking Castle Black or Mole's Town in the Gift? Some characters from Mole's Town have been cast for this season.
  • Bronn is helping Jaime train to wield a sword left-handed: in the books this was Ilyn Payne, but the actor got termincal cancer in Season 2.
  • Cersei is quoting what Tyrion said to her (facetiously) after she captured Ros in Season 2's "The Prince of Winterfell".
  • Because Book 3 was split across Seasons 3 and 4, the dragons are bigger than they were in the books - Drogon is only this big by the beginning of Book 4.