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April 13, 2012
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  • The Dragon Demands

    As I did in Season 3, I wanted to ponder what might be the focus of "Histories & Lore" animated featurettes in the Season 4 Blu-ray. These are written by Bryan Cogman and narrated by the cast in-character, and usually give a good amount of backstory from the books.

    Well it's difficult to develop a "wishlist" for Season 4, because many of the major Houses were already covered in past seasons. We've had videos focusing on each Great House for Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, Targaryen, Arryn, Tyrell, Greyjoy, Tully, even Frey and Bolton. The Martells are the only new one, though there is much to cover there...

    Season 3 came up with the great idea of making videos on "regions", not just the Great House who rules it; explaining "these are some of th…

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  • The Dragon Demands

    The Season 3 deleted scenes were very underwhelming this year compared to Season 2, which included a lot of Loras scenes mourning Renly which were sorely lacking from the main episodes.

    Well that's a bit unfair: the Tywin-Pycelle deleted scene is amazing, but it already premiered at San Diego Comic-Con last summer.

    The deleted scenes are:

    • Tywin and Pycelle (deleted)
    • Jon Snow considers fleeing
    • Jon Snow meets Mance Rayder (extended)
    • Robb, Northern lords, and the Tullys at Riverrun (extended)
    • Small Council discusses the wildling threat (deleted)

    Well, we've seen the Tywin-Pycelle stuff - it's great, doesn't really add any "new" information but adds some firm interaction between the two. Also very well filmed (Tywin is fishing and clubbing the fish de…

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  • The Dragon Demands

    Shorter than the first one and with less new material.

    Expected I guess: the original was the first Game of Thrones content we had in months, they wanted a big impact. This trailer feels more like part of a series of trailers.

    Not much new info, but things I've noticed:

    • Arya never met Melisandre in the books so she never added her to her hitlist. She didn't even do anything too bad to Gendry (that Arya knows of).
    • First look at Styr, Magnar of the Thenn: the most advanced, disciplined, and dangerous of the wildling tribes. He just happened to be bald in the books - the TV series added the ritual scarification.
    • Meereen, last and largest of the cities in Sla…
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  • The Dragon Demands

    The 15 minute "Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing" preview for Season 4 was just posted.

    Interesting points:

    • Forging two swords at the beginning.
    • During the fast opening montage, there's a shot of Ramsay Snow hunting...with an apparently happy girl running behind him. That will turn dark.
    • IMPORTANT: There's blink-or-you'll miss shot of riders holding banners, showing off some new Heraldry of previously unseen Houses from Dorne.
    • The trailer clearly establishes that Jaime will be training with Bronn now. In the books, when Jaime gets back home he starts trying to retrain himself to use a sword left-handed, and he does it with Ilyn Payne (who, having had his tongue cut out, can'…
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  • The Dragon Demands

    We finally have details on the extras in the Season 3 Blu-ray, being released February 18th. Particularly, we now have a list of what the next set of "Complete Guide to Westeros" videos (a full hour of content) will be:

    Deleted and Extended Scenes - Five scenes are available:

    • "Jon Meets Mance"
    • "Edmure, Robb and The Blackfish"
    • "Tywin and Pycelle"
    • "Small Council Discusses Wildling Threat"
    • "Jon Thinks About Escaping"

    Well, I was really hoping for deleted scenes showing that Loras is really mourning Renly, and just "drowning his sorrows" with Olyver - Bryan Cogman said that he actually *scripted* such scenes but they were cut for time. I had hoped they'd filme…

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