Does anyone remember the episode when Tyrion 

was in trial for killing King Joffrey and he requested 

for trial by combat and in his mind Jaime would be 

his champion? (Season 4, episode 06) That scene 

was so funny when he and Jaime talk about it 

hahaha. Anyways I have some sort of theory who 

will kill "The Mountain" or Gregor Clegane. It will be 

Tyrion Lannister! Because as of now he is still 

alive-- but a little bit of some kind of a monster. 

Remember how he spoke with Ser Bronn, about 

fighting for him but he refused because he is in 

doubt to defeat Gregor Clegane-- Tyrion muses that 

he may have to kill the Mountain himself, joking that 

it would make for a great song. Bronn solemnly 

tells him that he hopes to hear it one day, nods 

apologetically, and leaves. Well, I guess that will 

make it Tyrion one of these days. It will be an 

amazing episode. Hahahahaha. Watch it Season 4, 

episode 7... Just a theory.