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A possible Game of Thrones anime/animated series?

Hello guys, this is Warmachine375, my first blog in Game of Thrones wiki and my blog is about "A possible Game of Thrones anime/animated series."

It might sound old news to you guys if you already knew that like the anime drawings of the GoT characters (they're so awesome to look at by the way ;) Hehhehe) but I would like to have my opinions about if there's going to be an anime adaptation of HBO's Game of Thrones or probably better yet A Song of Ice and Fire novel series if George R.R. Martin allows licensing of his works to an anime studio (probably the one behind Attack on Titan/ or Akame ga Kill!) A darker more edgier anime series that we might enjoy if there's gonna be one in the future.

So what do you guys think? Feel free to comment and express your opinions about. ;)

Brace yourselves, Season 5 is coming. (in Ned Stark's voice)

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