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Dominic West turned down a role on Game of Thrones

Werthead August 3, 2012 User blog:Werthead

British actor Dominic West, best-known to millions as Detective Jimmy McNulty on The Wire, has turned down a role on Game of Thrones in its third season. West cited an unwillingness to spend 'six months' filming in Iceland, away from his family, as his reason for turning down the project. Apparently he was immediately berated by his nephew for turning down a role in "the only great show on" (West hasn't seen the show).

Interviewer Maureen Ryan (a long-term fan and supporter of the show) convincingly argues that the role West turned down was that of Mance Rayder.

West is also noted for his roles in the movie 300, where he played a scheming politician feuding with Lena Headey, and in the TV series The Hour, where he stars alongside Oona Chaplin.

Source: Huffington Post interview with Dominic West.

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