Last night in London, the Brotherhood Without Banners - the longstanding Song of Ice and Fire fan group - held one of their periodic get-togethers. About twenty people crammed into a pub in central London to talk about the books, TV series and anything else that came to mind.

After getting off the tube at Tottenham Court Road, there was a rather random moment when I walked past Maisie Williams, who plays Arya in the TV show. I did a double-take, but by the time I realised it was her she'd already gone off. Then, an hour or two into the meet-up at the pub, we were joined by Gethin Anthony, who plays Renly Baratheon on the TV show. Gethin had seen us organising the meet-up on the board and on Twitter, and had decided to drop by.

Gethin was a relaxed and funny dude and didn't have a problem chatting to the fans present. He expressed happiness with the recent casting news that Natalie Dormer was joining the cast, and was looking forward to the scenes he'd have with her in Season 2. We tried to get other casting tidbits from him, but he claimed he didn't know, though suggested that fans would be 'very happy' if the rumours he'd heard about who'd been auditioning for Stannis turned out to be true. Gethin also told us that quite a few castmembers were interested in attending TitanCon in Belfast in September, but their filming schedules were still being settled by HBO, so people couldn't confirm anything just yet (though Kristian Nairn and Miltos Yerolemou have already committed to attending).

Overall, a good night, and great to meet yet another Game of Thrones castmember. --Werthead 16:55, June 25, 2011 (UTC)