GoT RPG Box Art
Has anyone here checked out the Game of Thrones computer game that just came out a couple weeks back? I was initially thinking it would include playable versions of some of the main characters, but it turned out to be a kind of side-story instead. The locations are the same, but there's no choosing Ned Stark and helping him keep his head, or choosing Tyrion and getting him on the throne instead of Joffrey. There's no real comparison between the game and the books/HBO series, and I'm kind of torn between a desire to play these main characters, and the idea that sort of rewriting the history of Westeros just doesn't seem right. So far the game has received some harsh reviews from critics, but most of them are looking at it as a stand-alone gaming experience when it seems to have been designed for true fans of the series. I feel like if you actually know some of the history involved, and are familiar with the family trees of the Great Houses, this game might be a lot more enjoyable than if you don't have any background on the characters or places mentioned. The upcoming MMORPG basically has no choice but to be another kind of side-story (since you can't just let everyone be Daenerys or Robb), so I think it would have been nice to be able to pick a main character in the single-player version where they could have gotten away with it. What's your take?

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