The Valyrian is a ship owned by pirate Salladhor Saan and the flagship of his sellsail fleet.


Season 2

The Valyrian anchors nearby Dragonstone when Salladhor Saan meets with Davos Seaworth, who seeks to hire his fleet to fight for Stannis Baratheon.[1]

The Valyrian, along with the rest of Salladhor's fleet, participates in the Battle of the Blackwater[2]

Season 3

Crewmembers of the Valyrian rescue Davos Seaworth from the Spears of the Merling King and take him aboard. Salladhor informs Davos of Stannis defeat and the status at Dragonstone and tries to convince him to come with him, as he has abandoned Stannis' cause. Davos refuses and convinces Saan to take him to Dragonstone.[3]

Season 4

Davos hires once again Salladhor Saan and the Valyrian, along with the rest of Saan's fleet, after he convinces three representatives of the Iron Bank of Braavos to support Stannis.[4]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Valyrian is a war galley of three hundred oars. The ship survives the Battle of the Blackwater because Ser Imry Florent, the Lord High Captain in command of Stannis' fleet, keeps Salladhor and thirty Lyseni galleys as rearguard out in Blackwater Bay. The Valyrian and the rest of Saan's ships are among the few that survive the battle, as they are way behind the chain set up by Tyrion Lannister to trap Stannis fleet at the mouth Blackwater Rush and destroy it with wildfire. Saan's fleet rescues Stannis and several of his surviving loyalists, mostly Florents.

Following the battle, the Valyrian remains anchored at Dragonstone, though Salladhor's ships intercept any trade ships crossing Blackwater Bay and "tax" them on their goods, as Saan has been made Lord of Blackwater Bay by Alester Florent. Davos is rescued by the crew of Khorane Sathmantes, the Lysene captain of Shayala's Dance, a galley of Salladhor's fleet.

After Stannis decides to lend aid to the Night's Watch, the Valyrian sets sail towards Eastwatch-by-the-Sea.

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