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Valyrian Peninsula

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Pre-Doom Valyrian Peninsula

The Valyrian Peninsula as it was before the Doom occurred 400 years ago.

Post-Doom Valyrian Peninsula

The present-day Valyrian Peninsula, after the Doom of Valyria.

The Valyrian Peninsula is a large, wide headland extending south from Essos into the Summer Sea, the heartland of the now extinct Valyrian Freehold and the location of its capital city, Valyria. Partially destroyed in the Doom, with many islands formed and low-lying areas flooded, becoming the Smoking Sea.[1][2]


The Valyrian Peninsula was shattered in the Doom. Vast amounts of land fell into the sea, with the surviving remnants becoming islands separated by water. Volcanic activity continues even four centuries after the original eruptions, with the water often turning poisonous and giving off fumes which can kill.

The city of Valyria itself remains on the central island. Though ruined, it is still somewhat intact and a tempting target for looters and treasure-seekers. However, raiding the ruins is extremely hazardous and most who travel to Valyria never return.

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