"But if diseases could be called down by the vengeful, we would have no health in the world. More likely the disease predates the Valyrians entirely, confined to some remote region of Essos and only spread throughout the world once the Valyrians linked the continent with roads and dragons."

The Valyrian roads were roads which linked the continent of Essos.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Valyrian roads (also known as the "dragon roads") are broad stone highways that were built when the Valyrians ruled Essos. The roads are straight and usually connect economic centres, which allows for swift transport of goods.

The roads covered most of the Valyrian Peninsula and connect locations such as Volantis, Tyria and Oros, Mantarys, Tolos, the Black Cliffs, Sar Mell, Pentos, Norvos, Qohor and Ar Noy. The roads are featured in Lomas Longstrider's book "Wonders Made by Man".

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