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==See also==
==See also==
* [ Victarion Greyjoy at A Wiki of Ice and Fire.] (spoilers from the books)
* [ Victarion Greyjoy at A Wiki of Ice and Fire] (MAJOR spoilers from the books)

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"I still remember seeing my father's fleet burn in Lannisport. I believe your uncles were responsible."
Tyrion Lannister[src]

Victarion Greyjoy is an unseen character in Game of Thrones. He has only appeared in the first season House Greyjoy family tree issued by HBO.[1] He is an uncle of Theon Greyjoy.



Victarion Greyjoy is the younger brother of Balon Greyjoy, Head of House Greyjoy and the Lord Reaper of Pyke. His other brothers are Euron Greyjoy and Aeron Greyjoy.[2]

Season 1

Tyrion Lannister tells Theon about his memories of witnessing the Raid on Lannisport which Tyrion says was caused by Theon's uncles.[3]

Family tree

Balon Tree
Balon Greyjoy
Alannys Greyjoy
née Harlaw
Euron Greyjoy Promo
Euron Greyjoy
Victarion Greyjoy
Aeron Tree
Aeron Greyjoy
Rodrik tree
Rodrik Greyjoy
Maron Greyjoy
Yara Greyjoy
Theon Tree
Theon Greyjoy

Behind the scenes

Victarion appears in the first season House Greyjoy family tree issued by HBO.[1] He was not included when the Greyjoy family tree was reissued for the second season.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Victarion is Lord Captain of the Iron Fleet, his flagship is Iron Victory. He is a capable commander and a fierce warrior in battle, but has a calm demeanor outside of it, thinking of enemies with great respect. He is a religious man and wears full plate armor while sailing because he has no fear of drowning.

Victarion has been married three times, none of which produced any children. His first wife died giving birth to stillborn daughter. His second wife died by a pox.

Victarion despises his brother Euron, due to the latter raping and impregnating his third wife. Victarion beat her to death in order to cleanse himself of the taint of dishonor, and only the taboo against kinslaying kept him from killing Euron too. He has not married since, nor has he forgiven his brother.

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