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Catelyn Stark: "And Arya will marry his son Waldron when they both come of age."
Robb Stark: "She won't be happy about that."
Catelyn and Robb Stark discussing Waldron.[src]

Waldron Frey is one of the many sons of Walder Frey and was formerly betrothed to Arya Stark, who later murdered his father.[1]


Season 1

When Catelyn Stark negotiates with Walder Frey to gain permission for her son Robb Stark and his army to pass the Twins, Walder demands that Arya Stark will marry his son Waldron. Catelyn and Robb accept his terms.[2]

Family tree

Walder Frey
Seven wives,
and numerous mistresses
Joyeuse tree
Joyeuse Frey
née Erenford
Walder's 8th wife
Kitty Frey
Walder's 9th wife
Stevron tree
Stevron Frey
Possibly Deceased
"Lame Lothar" Frey
Family tree Edmure
Edmure Tully House-Tully-Main-Shield
Roslin tree
Roslin Frey
Various sons and daughters
Black Walder Frey tree
"Black Walder" Rivers
Ryger Rivers
Newborn Tully
Roose Bolton House-Bolton-Main-Shield
"Fat Walda" Frey
Numerous grandsons and granddaughters
Bolton baby
Newborn Bolton House-Bolton-Main-Shield

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Arya is betrothed to Elmar Frey. The character has been renamed for the television series. Elmar is the twenty-second son of Lord Walder Frey and the fourth born to Lord Walder's seventh wife, Annara Farring. Elmar is the older brother of Shirei Frey, the youngest child that Lord Walder had with Annara Farring. He is nine years old.

Elmar encounters Arya several times in Harrenhal and tries to boss her around, while mentioning proudly that he is trueborn son of lord Walder Frey and is going to marry a princess - both of them are unaware that Arya is that princess. Arya is not impressed and does not comply to him. After being informed that Robb Stark breached the pact with the Freys, Elmar tells Arya whiningly that his father told him he had to marry someone else, or to become a septon. Arya has no sympathy to him.

Elmar appears briefly in the third novel, serving as the cupbearer when Roose Bolton hosts Jaime and Brienne at Harrenhal. Roose tells them that Elmar was to wed Arya Stark, but Lord Frey had no choice but to break the betrothal when Robb betrayed him.

Elmar does not appear in the novels afterwards.

In the german dub of the TV series the name Elmar was used instead Waldron!

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