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|battles=*[[Fall of Storm's End]]
|battles=*[[Fall of Storm's End]]
*[[Field of Fire]]
*[[Field of Fire]]
*[[Submission of the North]]
|side1=[[House Targaryen]]
|side1=[[House Targaryen]]
|side2=The Seven Kingdoms
|side2=The Seven Kingdoms

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Wars of Conquest


  • Unification of six of the Seven Kingdoms under a single monarchy
  • Fall of the Kingdoms of Mountain and Vale, Isles and Rivers, the Rock, the Reach and the North
  • Establishment of the Targaryen dynasty
  • Extinction of Houses Gardener and Hoare
  • Foundation of House Baratheon
  • Elevation of Houses Tully and Tyrell to Lords Paramount of the Riverlands and the Reach, respectively
  • Establishment of the Riverlands and the Crownlands as constitutent regions

House Targaryen

The Seven Kingdoms


Aegon Targaryen


The Wars of Conquest were a series of conflicts throughout Westeros that resulted in the fall of six of the seven independent kingdoms established in the continent and their unification under a single monarchy, the Iron Throne.

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