"The last Warg King was slain at Sea Dragon Point along with all his sons and beasts."
Sansa Stark[src]
The Warg King was one of the many Kings of the First Men.


The Warg King was a ruler during the unstable reigns of the Barrow Kings in the North. After their unstable rule was brought to an end, House Stark of Winterfell became the ruling house with King in the North Brandon Stark the Builder. However, many Kings did not respect their rule either, including the Warg King. This started the Thousand Years War, in which The Warg King was defeated and killed at Sea Dragon Point. All the beasts that he could Warg into were killed, as were his son. Therefore, he was the last King of his people, and his legacy would never continue.

In the books

The Warg King was a monarch and a skinchanger in what is now the North after the Long Night. His given name is unknown.

Documents of the Nightfort indicate that the Warg King ruled Sea Dragon Point. He was allied with the children of the forest, but they were defeated by the Kings of Winter of House Stark. The Starks killed his sons, beasts, and greenseers, but took his daughters as prizes.

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