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This article is about a specific character. For other uses see White Walker

A White Walker is an unnamed recurring character in the second and third seasons. He is a member of the race of White Walkers. He is played by guest star Ross Mullan and first appears in "Valar Morghulis."



This White Walker and others of his race lead an army of wights Beyond the Wall.

Season 2

White Walker 2x10

The White Walker spots Sam.

While Edd, Grenn and Sam gather moose chips in the snow as fuel for their fires, they hear three horn blasts. Edd and Grenn run back to the Fist of the First Men and Sam is left behind. Sam hides behind a stone, and sees the White Walker on horseback. He looks at Sam and then ignores him, leading the army of Wights towards the Fist.[1]

Season 3

White Walker 4

The White Walker turns into ice after being stabbed by Sam.

As Gilly and Sam are making their way to the Wall, the White Walker approaches them in order to take Gilly's baby. Sam confronts him but the White Walker freezes and shatters his sword by holding it and punches him aside, focusing his attention on Gilly and her unnamed son. The White Walker is then stabbed in the left scapula by Sam with his dragonglass dagger. Unable to reach the blade, the White Walker then desiccates, turns into ice and shatters.[2]

Season 4

When Sam returns to Castle Black, some of his brothers do not believe he killed the White Walker and mockingly call him "Sam the Slayer."[3]


  • The White Walker appearing in "Second Sons" was visually identical to the one that appeared in "Valar Morghulis", who was also played by Ross Mullan. It is assumed by this wiki that they are intended to be the same White Walker.

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire books, Sam slays a White Walker that attacks him after he falls back from the main column during the march to Craster's Keep. Sam gains the nickname of "Sam the Slayer" both in admiration by those who believe him and in mockery by those who don't. After the murders of Craster and Lord Commander Mormont, Sam and Gilly take refuge at a village that Sam believes to be White Tree, in which they are attacked by the wight of Small Paul, who had been killed by the White Walker.


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