"Please! No!"
―The soldier impersonating Ethan Forrester[src]
This unnamed soldier was a man of House Whitehill who fought in the Battle of Ironrath.


"The Lost Lords"

This soldier first appears when Rodrik is approaching the great hall with Talia. He taunts the siblings but does not try to stop them.

"The Sword in the Darkness"

This soldier is seen banging his shield in an attempt to get Rodrik's attention during Gryff's arrival.

He later shows up in the great hall impersonating Ethan in an attempt to rile Rodrik and Elissa. It can be assumed he is probably drunk at this point.

He is last seen in the courtyard when Gryff threatens to punish Talia for biting a Whitehill soldier who was stealing. If Rodrik tells Royland to attack Gryff, this soldier will try to stop him, only to succeed in being knocked down along with another.

"Sons of Winter"

This soldier does not appear in this episode. It is assumed he was locked up with Gryff and the rest of the Whitehill Garrison.

"A Nest of Vipers"

This soldier escapes his prison along with Gryff thanks to the traitor of House Forrester. He participates in the ambush at the port town, entering the courtyard after his fellow soldier brings the gate down. Rodrik or Asher punches him in the face, knocking him to the ground, but he gets up quickly and participates in the stabbing of the Forrester.

"The Ice Dragon"

This soldier appears during the Battle of Ironrath and either gets his abdomen slashed by Asher/Rodrik or slashed in the back by a Forrester Soldier.


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