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|Title = Wildling girl
|Title = [[File:Wildling-Icon.jpg|40px|left|link=Free Folk]] Wildling girl [[File:Wildling-Icon.jpg|40px|right|link=Free Folk]]
|Image = Wight.png
|Image = Wight.png
|Season = [[Season 1|1]]
|Season = [[Season 1|1]]

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A wildling girl is an unnamed minor character in the first season. She is played by Claire Wright and only appears in the series premiere. She is seen as a wight in the Haunted Forest.



She was killed shortly before the beginning of the series.

Season 1

During his investigation of a wildling camp, Will of the Night's Watch observes her corpse nailed to a tree. A short time later, he sees her again, now standing and walking; she turns to him, and is revealed to have the blue eyes of a wight. Will flees before she reacts in any way.[1]


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