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A Winterfell shepherd is an unnamed recurring character in the second season. He is played by guest star Donagh Deeney and only appears in "The Ghost of Harrenhal." He is a shepherd on the lands of House Stark of Winterfell. He appeals to Prince Bran Stark for help tending his flock and is given two orphan boys. Both the shepherd and the orphans are later murdered by Dagmer.



He and his family live in the lands of House Stark of Winterfell. His sons are fighting in the army of King Robb Stark in the War of the Five Kings.

Season 2Edit

In the great hall of Winterfell, Prince Bran Stark holds court for his people. His brother Rickon Stark sits beside him, shelling nuts loudly with a rock. The shepherd reports being unable to tend to his flock with his three sons fighting in the south. He reassures Bran of the loyalty of his sons but says that there are growing numbers of wolves in the north and that he cannot protect his sheep from them alone. Bran offers to assign two orphans, Billy and Jack, from Winterfell's outlying Winterstown to aid him if he will give them room and board. The shepherd gratefully accepts, saying that his wife always wanted more children.[1]


Theon asks the shepherd about Bran and Rickon.

Winterfell is later seized by Theon Greyjoy. Bran and Rickon escape and pass close by to the shepherd's farm. Theon tracks them there and brutally questions the shepherd who denies having seen them. Dagmer finds nutshells and tells Theon to send Maester Luwin back to Winterfell. Theon later returns to Winterfell with the charred corpses of two boys, pretending that they are the Stark princes.[2]

Theon tries to give Dagmer a pouch of gold for the shepherd, to compensate him for his trouble, but Dagmer reveals to Theon that he killed the shepherd and his wife to prevent them from revealing that the two corpses were those of the orphans.[3]


Season Two appearances
The North Remembers The Night Lands What is Dead May Never Die Garden of Bones The Ghost of Harrenhal
The Old Gods and the New A Man Without Honor The Prince of Winterfell Blackwater Valar Morghulis

In the booksEdit

In A Clash of Kings, in which most of Season 2 is based, there's no shepherd that adopts two orphans. Nevertheless, there's a miller and his wife from Winterstown whose two sons are killed to facilitate an identical ruse.


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