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Bronn: "Lollys will be marrying Ser Wyllis Bracken. We made a deal, your sister and I."
Jaime Lannister: "I would have advised against that."
Bronn and Jaime[src]

Wyllis Bracken is an unseen character in the fifth season. He is a knight from the Riverlands and a member of House Bracken,


Season 5Edit

Jaime Lannister arranges the betrothal of Lollys Stokeworth to Ser Wyllis, thus breaking the arrangement made by Queen Cersei Lannister that betrothed Lollys to Ser Bronn of the Blackwater.[1]

In the booksEdit

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels there is no mention of a character named Ser Wyllis Bracken, and Bronn is the one who marries Lollys Stokeworth.


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Lord: Lord Jonos Bracken Heir:
Seat: Stone Hedge Lands: The Riverlands
Title(s): Lord of Stone Hedge
Ancestors:Bethany Bracken
Current members:Wyllis Bracken
Overlord:House Tully

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