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Yi Ti is a city or nation located in the far east of Essos. It is located at the eastern limits of the known world, beyond the Jade Sea and to the east of even Qarth. It is sometimes mentioned in the same breath as Asshai as an extremely remote part of the world from Westeros[1]. Merchant ships from Yi Ti and Asshai regularly visit Qarth to conduct trade.[2]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Yi Ti is one of the fabled lands of the mysterious east, along with Asshai, Yi Ti, Bayasabhad, Kayakayanaya and Shamyriana. The Lands of Ice and Fire confirm that Yi Ti is an immense nation, stretching around the northern coast of the Jade Sea. Its north-western border is just a few hundred miles east of Qarth and it extends to just a few hundred miles due north of Asshai. The nation is tropical in climate, with immense jungles just inland stretching north-east towards the unexplored, remote parts of eastern Essos. Its capital city is Yin and other major cities include Asabahd and Jinqi. These three cities are each located on the mouth of a substantial river. The island-nation of Leng lies just off the coast of Yi Ti, but is not controlled by it.

Yi Ti's major exports include saffron and wine. The Lion of Night is a noted deity of the region. Yi Ti is also known for its merchants who wear hats made from monkey tails. Representatives from Yi Ti sometimes trade at the eastern market of Vaes Dothrak.

Yi Ti may be loosely analogous to China and the Far East, but thus far, no characters from Yi Ti have appeared in the books, thus no persons of East Asian ethnicity have appeared in the narrative.

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