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Yohn Royce is a character that will debut in the fourth season. He will be played by Rupert Vansittart. Yohn Royce is the Lord of Runestone and a powerful bannerman of House Arryn.


Season 4

Family tree

Cropped Yohn Royce
Yohn Royce
Lady Royce
Robar Royce family tree

Robar Royce

Waymar Royce family tree
Waymar Royce
Night's Watch Crow shield icon

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Lord Yohn Royce is described as having a lined face and grey hair, grey eyes and very bushy eyebrows. However, he still looks immensely strong as he is tall and has large, gnarled hands. He has a set of bronze armor, thousands of years old that is inscribed with runes that are said to ward him from harm. He has three sons: Andar, Robar and Waymar (the latter two are dead), and one daughter Ysilla.

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Lord: Lord Yohn Royce Heir: Unknown
Seat: Runestone Lands: The Vale of Arryn
Title(s): Lord of Runestone
Deceased members:{Robar Royce} · {Waymar Royce}
Household:Maester Helliweg · Samwell Stone
Overlord:House Arryn

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