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(Daenerys doesn't overthrow the Wise Masters, she merely liberates the slaves)
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| Type=Mercantile city-state
| Type=Mercantile city-state
| Population=
| Population=
| Rulers=[[Wise Masters]] (Former)<br />[[Daenerys Targaryen]]
| Rulers=[[Wise Masters]]
| Religion=
| Religion=
| Military=
| Military=

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"Ancient and glorious is Yunkai. Our empire was old before dragons stirred in Old Valyria."
―Razdal mo Eraz[src]

Yunkai, known also as the Yellow City, is one of the three great Ghiscari city-states of Slaver's Bay, located south-west of Meereen and north of Astapor. Pleasure-slaves are Yunkai's chief export.[1]

Yunkai is ruled by an oligarchy of slave merchants calling themselves the Wise Masters. Its people are known both as Yunkish and Yunkai'i.[2]

In hopes of freeing the slaves of the city, Daenerys, Grey Worm, Daario Naharis and Jorah Mormont devise a plan to take Yunkai. After a bloody battle, Daario presents the flag of Yunkai and says that the siege is over and that Daenerys' forces won. As the slaves celebrate Daenerys for their liberation, the fate of Yunkai, remains unknown, since it has lost all of its slaves and its masters presumed dead or captured.

Notable Yunkai'i and residents

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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Yunkai is located 163 miles from Meereen. The island of Yaros lies just off the Yunkish coast. It is sometimes called the Yellow City, for its buildings are made from yellow bricks. The city contains large, stepped pyramids - though not as large as Meereen's - and can field an army of 5,000 at short notice, though these are mostly slave-warriors of uncertain reliability. The Meereenese do not have a high opinion of the quality of Yunkai's soldiers or generals. Yunkai is ruled by an aristocracy of slavers and merchants known as the Wise Masters.

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